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We believe that collaboration and teamwork are the cornerstones to any successful project. We have the ability to deliver at the early stages of concept development, providing constructibility, budgeting and expertise; ultimately continuing these efforts as your partner throughout the building process. Pre-construction Phase Our team welcomes the opportunity to partner with you during design. We can deliver at the early stages to assist in developing your vision as an expert in the building process. We value our position in partnering with design experts, working side by side performing:
  • Estimate studies
  • Constructability propositions and reviews
  • Market research
  • LEED Environmental Studies
  • Specialty trade contractor engagement
  • Municipal, jurisdictional engagement
  • Scheduling
  • Bid Package development
Ultimately, as the design progresses, our team continues its value to you in delivering budgeting, constructability analysis, scheduling and scope development during:
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document Creation
    • Guaranteed Maximum Price Development and Presentation
Construction Phase Once authorized, our team efficiently commences with managing the building process. We believe that the precedence has been set through partnering with you during a successful pre-construction phase therefore we are ready to mobilize. We continue this success through now fulfilling your vision in implementing ‘work in place’. However, we do not operate in isolation. We value collaborative project delivery that includes our Owner partners, our Design Team partners, consultants and our specialty trade subcontractors integral to the building process. This includes:
  • Subcontractor on-boarding and scope commitment
  • Permitting and Jurisdictional authority coordination
  • Project site safety and risk management plan implementation
  • Quality control
  • Cost management
  • Schedule Management
  • Project Coordination & Logistics Management
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Project Closeout / Post Construction Support
  • Owner Move-in Coordination
  • Commissioning
We understand that our services may not always involve partnering with you during the design phase, such as with best value or stipulated sum project deliveries, therefore we pride ourselves on producing a meaningful bid proposal on a given project and delivering these construction phase services that meets our client expectations.
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