Our Team

Big projects require many people from many backgrounds working together in perfect harmony. Like gears in a clock, our team, our subcontractors, and our specialty craftsmen work together to make the project run smoothly.

Our Team

Source Building Group employs experts in contracting, project management, relationship building, designers, technicians, and more so we can handle every aspect of your project.

Our Subcontractors

Relationships with quality, trusted subcontractors are our bread and butter. We look for and maintain relationships with specialists who have the same dedication to quality that we do. We trust our contractors, but we also maintain a presence on site to ensure our level of quality and safety is met.

Our Specialists

Sometimes your vision requires more skill than our subcontractors possess. We keep up relationships with specialty trades so we can offer you luxury craftsmanship. Dream big! We guarantee we have someone who can make it a reality.

Get in touch with us today and let us start leveraging our resources in your behalf so you can successfully complete that project with flair.

Meet The Team

Trelaine Mapp

Source Building Group Founder & CEO

Ralph Ramirez


David Arber

Preconstruction Manager

Etonya Senigaur

Senior Project Engineer

Abed Kaaki

Senior Project Engineer

Dean Caldwell​

Project Superintendent

Stephen VanHuss​

Assistant Superintendent

Chet Farnsworth

Senior Project Manager

Stacey Spann​


Laurie Butler

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathon Scruggs

Project Engineer

Benedict Iloanya​

Project Engineer

Lavanya Kalli​

Project Engineer

Natalie Woods

Project Engineer

Keith Parungao

Project Director

Rodrigo Tijerina

Rodrigo Tijerina

Project Safety Supervisor

Jesus Soriano

Jesus Soriano

Estimating Assistant