Safety is more than just our everyday way of ensuring that each person within the confines of our project sites is not adversely affected by potential hazards of work activities. At Source Building Group, Inc, safety is a culture and a mindset. We pride ourselves in proactively working with our subcontractor partners to establish the precedence at the point of pursuing and ultimately delivering projects for our clients, that worker safety and hazard management is of utmost importance in everything we do, from mobilization to owner occupancy. Safety on each project site begins with establishing and communicating our corporate policy with each client, partner and vendor. Our policy then materializes in the form of our safety program for each project. Our safety program contains specific guidelines and means of hazard management assurance that are crucial to sustaining the culture that we at Source Building Group, Inc pride ourselves with. Our safety program is then complemented by our subcontractor partner safety programs for each specific trade responsibility. We on-board subcontractor partners that approach safety and hazard management with like minded importance, as Source Building Group, Inc through sustaining a culture of incident prevention and risk management.


Our clients expect the best and we pride ourselves on achieving these expectations. As the benchmark for quality is established during design, we deliver on the assurance that, the results of our work in place will be to our clients’ satisfaction. Our approach is to serve as experts in working in tandem with our clients and design team partners to ensure that each element of the project will fulfill the intent of the our clients’ vision without compromising the integrity of the product. Our precedence for quality is interwoven within our contractual agreements with our subcontractor partners as a means of assurance and ultimately as the work is performed, it is our responsibility as the project team to control and monitor the delivery. The project team includes our staff, design partners, subcontractors and vendors. Our means of management and monitoring will include:
  • Designated Quality Management Personnel
  • Controlled Inspections and Verification
  • Mock-ups
  • Jurisdictional authority walkthroughs
  • System monitoring and testing
  • Reporting: Surveillance, Non-conformance and Corrective Action
  • Pre-installation meetings
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