Safety & Quality

At Source Building Group, Inc, safety and quality are our culture and mindset

Quality is a mindset at Source Builders Group, Inc. Safety is always top-of-mind. These are standards that are just as important as the design of your space or your building budget. You will have a dedicated team on site to ensure quality and safety standards are being met at all times during your project.

Construction Safety Standards

Safety is part of the culture at Source Building Group. We proactively set the expectation and work with our team and subcontractors to ensure safety and hazard management is of utmost importance from start to finish.

There are two key components to ensuring safety at our sites.


Each project begins with healthy communication around our safety program and hazard management with all clients, partners, and vendors. The level of communication remains constant throughout the project so safety is always top-of-mind.


We look for subcontractors with a similar approach and dedication to safety and hazard management. We honor the safety policies our partners already have in place and supplement that with our polices. We work together to ensure our sites remain free of incidents.



Our clients expect the best and that is what we deliver. From design to completion our team strives to do work that not only meets our clients’ expectations but something we can take personal pride in.


Our approach to quality aligns our entire team to a single standard that will fulfil your vision without compromising the integrity of the finished project. We weave this standard into our contracts with subcontractors and other partners to protect quality. Quality is simply a part of our process.


We have placed several checkpoints in our process that help us monitor quality. Staying in control of quality at all times is the best way to ensure the end product meets and exceeds expectations. 

Here are a few things we do for every project to ensure quality. Learn more about how we maintain safety while producing high-quality buildings. Contact us today!